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Try a pony tail this fall

The ponytail is a popular choice for a lot of women with long hair. Just sweep it back and forget about it as you go about your daily life. However, you can turn this lackluster style into something super cute. Here are some simple ideas to try out.

  1. Try pulling the sides of your hair over your ears. This gives you a really elegant look. If you want to show off your earrings, then simply brush your hair behind your ears.
  2. Instead of having your ponytail on full display, try tucking it into your jacket or even burying it away in an oversized scarf.
  3. Add sheen by applying some high shine gel to give it that fresh out of the shower look.
  4. Barrette’s are back and better than ever. For everyday use try a large barrette with a subdued hue. To stand out from the crowd then add a bit of sparkle and color.
  5. If none of those style’s appeal to you then when not wear it messy on purpose.  Jeanie Syfu from TRESemme has come up with a grunge/girly combined look that looks breezy but sexy.

Summer Hair Tips

We love all the celebrities. We love everything about them and love to know what they get up to. Sometimes we don’t think that they look the best that they could. That might be (in our opinion) bad dress ideas, bad make-up or bad hair. Seeing as how they may never listen to a small little blog like ours, we thought we would take what we learnt and turn it into a do’s and don’ts list. Have fab summer hair by reading on.


Hair Do’s & Dont’s

Follow these tips of what to avoid to look rough and what to do to look super awesome :-)


Don’t make your hair too light. Cameron’s everyday blond bob is generally loved by us, but blue eyes and her light skin seem washed out with this overly- dye that is brutal. Discover a darker color that flatters. For those who would like to go darker and have characteristics that are lighter, choose a moderate or dark-brown instead of black. To receive this design, nearly hair on a moderate heat without using any merchandise ahead. After hair is not wet, add a dry aerosol wax and sort out hair till you get the ideal look that is unwashed, and add a little bit of glow only for your bangs.

Forget attempting to pull hair accoutrements off your head’s dimensions. Then add flavor pinned over your component — but keep it delicate and small. Fasten in a loop therefore the ends mist the whole design with glow spray and stand out.

Not enough merchandise and an excessive amount of hair dye makes for a frizzy harvest. Run a cocktail of gel and lotion. Let your hair airdry, if you’re able to bear it. Use a little round brush to erase the sections that are very front, then blowdry brush-free on a setting that is very low.

Never have 2 totally distinct feels and each other compete like Vanessa Williams’ id crisis fashion, on top of your head. Play feel in a normal way by straightening or maybe not curling any sections that are different. Detangle in the shower with a broad-toothcomb, and in conditioner through damp hair and leave perform a combination of radiance glaze. Let it airdry.

Avoid over-doing the quantity. Pamela Anderson stations Amy Winehouse with her over the top teased tresses. Focus on your own bangs for peak and quantity that is smart, maybe not cheesy. Run a styling lotion through knocks and dry instantly, as you-go pulling to the aspect and the brush down. Comb an anti frizz through your hair.

Keep one-span hair from becoming stiff. Tori Spelling’s one-colour bob lacks move and radiance, making it appear unhealthy. Give some existence to hair with radiance and feel. Work a texture lotion through your hair’s ends. Use a small heat at the roots and get a flat-iron therefore every thing is glossy and straight. End with a glow serum.

More top tips to follow soon …..